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Print-O-Craft LLC is a small independent publishing house.

Why “Print-O-Craft?”

In the 1960s and 1970s, the grandfather of one of the founders ran a Hebrew printing company in Toronto called Print-O-Craft. We’ve adopted the name.

What do you publish?

Right now we just publish a handful of books, but more are in the works.

Can I pitch a book to you?

Yes! We are very much looking for new books. You can contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to pitch us an idea.

Right now we are interested in:

– Prayerbook ideas (does not need to be a plan for a complete siddur, could be for a specific service)
– Children’s books with some Jewish element
– Haggadot (must not be a replica of what Asufa is already doing, but otherwise anything is fine)
– Portions of the Bible, especially the Humash (or parts thereof) and the Megillot (or parts thereof)
– Interesting design/art concepts in any other religious text, including the Talmud

We are interested in originality, whether in text or art. We’re open to commentaries, as long as they are approaching the concept of commentary in an original way.

Print-O-Craft LLC, P.O. Box 18963, Philadelphia PA 19119